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Behavior Clinic helps and advises with problematic behaviors and everyday skills with all dogs, from puppies to senior dogs. Common behavioral problems include problems with loose leash walking, aggressive/unpredictive behaviors, resource guarding, separation anxiety, sensitivity to sounds, issues with handling, etc.  At the behavior clinic, we will take a deeper look at the problem and make a necessary training plan for you and your dog.  

The best results are achieved when the dogs’ unique learning history is taken into consideration. At the Behaviour Clinic, we will make a personal training plan for you and your dog and tailor it to fit your lifestyle. This service is available as live and online sessions.  If there is any reason to suspect a medical issue like pain or injury, a vet consultation will be needed. 

Our science-based training methods and continuously updated knowledge about dog behavior, learning, and needs are used to provide you the best results. We comply with the ethical rules of Suomen Eläintenkouluttaja Ry (the Finnish Animal Trainers Association), and all our training and handling of animals is based on trustworthy relationship and clear communication between the dog and the handler as well as reinforcing the desired behavior. 

The first meeting is always at least 2 hours. The following meetings are 1 hour each. You will also receive a written training plan tailored just for you and your dog, making practicing easy between the meetings. You can also order online-based private lessons, which are easy to attend via Zoom.

You are warmly welcome to contact us! We will help you to find ways to smoothen everyday life with your dog!

First visit (2h) 180 € incl. VAT 24%

-including a written training plan and any required assistant for the session, for example, a bypasser with another dog

The following hours 90 € / h incl. VAT 24%

-including updated written instructions

For home visits, the travel expenses are added from either Perniö or Helsinki, Finland.